Oh My Girl’s JinE Updates Fans On Her Health

Oh My Girl’s JinE, who halted promotions last August due to her fight against anorexia nervosa, gave her fans a long-awaited update.

On April 3, JinE posted a hand-written letter and photos of herself onto Oh My Girl’s official website.

Below is her letter:

“I’ve been looking at your message of strength and love and healing well, and getting lots of strength from them! My heart feels very full. I really wanted to see you all and I wanted to update you, so I was thinking how I should do that.

“But then, what great timing! Oh My Girl is is coming back! Aren’t the members so pretty? I looked at them and fell in love too. I’m so excited for the upcoming album and I want to meet you all on stage soon!! Miracle (fanclub name), let’s watch the first broadcast together live! They are already preparing. Since it’s a comeback in a while, please listen and give love.

“I went into the office a little while ago, and on the popular nearby Mangridan Street, I ate lots of delicious food and took pictures, too. So I am giving you this surprise message with a picture! I hope that you can see that I love you as much as the love you’ve been sending my way!

“Also!! There’s something that I’ve always held inside my heart and wanted to say… You really are a huge source of strength and love! Thank you so much always, and I love you. For real! I love you.

“See you next time!! Oh My Girl and Miracle fighting!!”

We hope that the rest of JinE’s recovery goes smoothly!

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