Viki’s Learn Mode Will Take Your Language Learning To A New Level

Viki recently launched a feature called Learn Mode to a portion of its titles. As the name suggests, it’s a tool that will help you learn the native language of whatever you’re watching. Currently, it is only available for Korean and Chinese.

Here’s how it works:

Turn on Learn Mode for your favorite dramas:

Pause and click a word to learn the meaning and pronunciation (meanings will adjust for your subtitle language of choice):

Use the arrows to move between lines of dialogue or replay the current scene.

Why it’s the ultimate supplement to language learning:

TV is probably one of the best and easiest supplements to language learning out there. If you’re like me, watching shows in the language I was learning (K-dramas and Korean in my case) and consistently looking up words I didn’t know greatly improved my language ability. In many cases, you won’t even know you’re improving, until the day comes when you call up a word you’ve never used before in conversation or you understand more of what someone is saying to you — or in the drama you’re watching — because you remember looking it up.

One word and phrase at a time, it will become easier. And the more you learn, the easier it is for you to learn more.

Here’s why you should try out Viki Learn Mode:

  • You spend time watching dramas anyway, why not be productive and improve your Korean/Chinese?
  • Every word you learn comes in the context of a scene, and the scene is a part of a larger story, which makes remembering what you learned so much easier. And fun.
  • Often, you’ll run across the same vocabulary repeatedly throughout the course of a drama, which will really cement new words in your mind.
  • With Learn Mode, you can start to understand Korean puns without having to read the long explanations in the subs, which will make dramas like “Goblin,” which was rife with puns, even better.
  • Improve your reading/writing of Korean/Chinese with the native subs that show next to the subs in your language.
  • With your newfound Korean/Chinese ability, you can contribute to Learn Mode and share your language by subtitling (which will further improve your language skills)!
  • And on you go to being one step closer to being able to watch dramas RAW!

Here are just some of the dramas available with Learn Mode:

Boys Over Flowers

The Legend of the Blue Sea

City Hunter



I Hear Your Voice


and many, many more!

Check out Viki’s full collection of K-dramas with Learn Mode!

Happy learning!

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