Watch: Highlight Takes 6th Win For “Plz Don’t Be Sad” On “M!Countdown,” Performances By DAY6, Girl’s Day, Teen Top, Oh My Girl, And More

The April 6 episode of “M!Countdown” featured performances from Highlight, Girl’s Day, MONSTA X, PRISTIN, GOT7, CNBLUE, and more, as well as comeback performances from Dreamcatcher, IMFACT, Oh My Girl, DAY6, and Teen Top.

Highlight’s “Plz Don’t Be Sad” beat out Girl’s Day’s “I’ll Be Yours” for the final crown this week with a total score of 8821, making this the group’s sixth win after leaving their former entertainment agency and group name.

Son Dongwoon thanked their fans, agency, and parents, while Yoon Doo Joon said, “Thank you to our as yet nameless fans who cheered us on despite the weather.”

Check out their performance, win, and encore below!

Highlight – “Plz Don’t Be Sad”

DAY6 made their return to music shows on this week’s episode of “M!Countdown” with a performance of their latest monthly release.

DAY6 – “I’m Serious”

Teen Top also made their comeback as five members this week with songs from their new album “High Five.”

Teen Top – “Love Is”

Teen Top – “Call Me”

Oh My Girl also made a comeback this week with two different styles of performances.

Oh My Girl – “Perfect Day”

Oh My Girl – “Coloring Book”

There were also performances from GOT7, Girl’s Day, gugudan, Dreamcatcher, Lovelyz, MONSTA X, Brave Girls, VICTON, Seol Ha Yoon, CNBLUE, MVP, IMFACT, J-Min, PRISTIN, and Hong Dae Kwang.

Check out many of them below!

Girl’s Day – “I’ll Be Yours”

GOT7 – “Never Ever”

CNBLUE – “Between Us”

MONSTA X – “Beautiful”

PRISTIN – “Wee Woo”

Lovelyz – “WoW!”

gugudan – “A Girl Like Me”

IMFACT – “Tension Up” (comeback performance)

Dreamcatcher – “Good Night” (comeback performance)

VICTON – “Blank”

Congratulations to Highlight!

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