Exclusive: MVP Dishes On Everything That Makes Them Unique

MVP debuted three weeks ago with their song “Take It” and they’re already creating some major buzz in the industry. With powerful dancing and a song you can jam to, the next step in your path to stanning them is learning more about the members themselves. That’s where we come in – we were able to interview the group and get some more hilarious details about the seven members.

From their fave songs to their idol obsessions – the group is definitely going to bring on some serious laughs in their future variety appearances!

Catch the full interview below and make sure to watch their special shoutout to Soompiers at the end as well!

What made you want to become a singer?

Kang Han: Since elementary school, I really enjoyed watching TV and singing along to the songs. So, I decided at a young age that I had to become a performer. Beginning my second year of middle school I started b-boying with my school seniors and friends, and then I continued to work hard to achieve my dream. Now I am MVP’s leader.
P.K: I really enjoyed watching music videos. Afterwards I took up dancing and I really began to feel how cool our seniors were. I think that desire to be the star on stage naturally developed into my dream to become a singer.
Jin: In elementary school I randomly started watching a music broadcast show on TV and thought it was really cool. That one moment changed my life and brought me to where I am today.
Sion: When I’m going through a hard time, I always listened to music to give myself strength. It was my dream to be able to create music that gave others strength. That’s how I came to have the dream to become a singer!

You have just debuted! How does it feel?

Kang Han: First of all, it feels like we’ve taken a huge step forward so I’m really happy. But we can’t stop here, we need to keep pushing forward!
Rayoon: It still feels like a dream but thanks to all of our fans supporting MVP it’s started to feel like reality!
Gi Taek: I still can’t believe it. I am just really thankful for everything that has brought us here.
P.K: Though it still feels exciting, I haven’t forgotten that we have to keep working harder!

What are you most looking forward to now that you have debuted?

Rayoon: During promotions, the time when we feel the strongest is when fans are cheering for us. So I want to be able to bring fans as many special MVP stages as possible!
Gi Taek: My dream now that we’ve debuted is to hold a concert as MVP!
Been: A concert. I can’t wait to hold performances where we can sing and talk together with fans.
Sion: Since we’re rookies, I’m really excited about everything that comes with promotions but I think I’m most excited about holding a concert.

Have you received any advice from a sunbae that has helped you?

Kang Han: I received a lot of advice from my close friends. We were rivals in school but now we are making music together, collaborating, and monitoring each other’s performances.
Gi Taek: All of the sunbaes I’ve met have given me a lot of advice. The one that has stuck with me the most is: “if you put your all into it, you will succeed.”
P.K: The advice that I heard the most is “there is nothing that comes easily. Because you’re doing what you love, be strong and keep persevering.” It is also the advice that has resonated with me the most!
Jin: “Work hard at everything like it’s your last chance.”

For BEEN and Jin, how does it feel to be in a group together? It’s pretty rare for siblings to be in the same group!

Jin: It’s really great to be able to promote with my younger twin brother, Been. Even before we started training, we did everything together. Siblings promoting in the same group is pretty rare…
Been: It’s really great to be singing and dancing together. We did fight a lot when we were younger but now that we’re working together we’ve come to understand each other well and I’m thankful we fill in each others weak points.

If you could switch bodies with another member for one day, who would it be and why?

Kang Han: I’m really jealous of the twins’ proportions. So I want to swap with the twins!
Rayoon: I want to switch with Gi Taek. I want to try dancing with a taller height. I think I would look cooler dancing if I was taller than 180cm!
Gi Taek: I want to switch with Jin or Been. I’m really curious what it feels like to look at another person who is your doppelgänger.
Jin: I want to switch with Gi Taek. I really want to have his voice!

What is one thing on your bucket or “to-do” list?

Kang Han: I think my biggest dream is to win an award for a song I made at an awards show. It would be even better if it is with MVP rather than as an individual award.
Rayoon: One of the items on my bucket list is to write while I travel the world and publish the book.
Been: To travel the world and to plan it all myself.
Sion: I often like to watch variety shows so I would like

to be a permanent cast member on one of those shows.

 What kind of music/TV shows to you listen to/watch in your free time?

Kang Han: Although I listen to different types of music depending on my mood, I mostly listen to hip-hop. I also enjoy listening to New Age music! As for TV shows, I watch “Infinite Challenge” because the concept of never-ending challenges has a great influence on me.
Rayoon: I monitor music programs and make sure to watch videos from overseas choreographers. I like to listen to acoustic music.
Been: I usually listen to dance music and watch variety shows like “Infinite Challenge” and “Running Man.”

Do you have a favorite K-pop group/idol or K-drama? Who/what turns you all into total fanboys?

Kang Han: I really like G-Dragon. He really knows how to express himself on stage. I really respect him.
Rayoon: I really like BTOB. I really like their music, but I also really like their team’s style. I also really like the emotions portrayed by Dean.
P.K: I respect all our senior artists in Korea, but I especially respect EXO’s Kai. The overseas artists I like are Chris Brown and Fifth Harmony.
Been: I really respect and love SHINee’s Taemin.

What are some things you love, besides music?

Kang Han: I like to be active so I enjoy soccer! I also enjoy snowboarding!
P.K: I have a lot of interest in fashion and I also enjoy bowling.
Jin: I like to drink coffee while thinking. I appear to just be spacing out to other people.
Been: First, I like to cook. Second, video games.

What can we expect from MVP this year?

Rayoon: Since we’ve just debuted, there is so much we want to show our fans. Please look forward to it!
Gi Taek: Please look forward to seeing a powerful MVP on stage!
Been: You can look forward to awesome performances and music that everyone can enjoy.
Sion: I hope people can see our passion and effort, as well as our consistency! We will become an MVP that doesn’t change and always works hard.

What is one thing that you’d like the international audience to know about you?

Kang Han: I hope our international fans know that all the members of MVP are working hard in order to communicate with them!
Rayoon: I hope that they remember MVP as the group that always shows something new and different.
Gi Taek: I want everyone to know MVP not only for our performance, but also that we have smooth vocals.
P.K: We are working hard to show many things to our international fans. Please look forward to us showing more different sides of ourselves.
Jin: I hope they remember us as a great group that always does our best.

Favorite song right now:

Kang Han: Ailee – “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow”
Rayoon: Dean – “I’m Not Sorry” / “Clean Bandit”
Gi Taek: Yang Da Il – “She Didn’t Love Me”
P.K: Fifth Harmony – “Work from Home”
Jin: I enjoy listening to Charlie Puth’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore” on the way home.
Been: Maroon 5 – “Lucky Strike”
Sion: Ryeowook – “Little Prince,” Kyuhyun – “The Time I Loved You”

First thing I do when I wake up in the morning…

Kang Han: I wake up the other members.
Rayoon: I sleep in the top bunk bed. I sit there blankly for a while and then plan out the day’s activities.
Gi Taek: I check out the condition of my body, especially my throat.
P.K: I listen to music.
Jin: I check the weather first because my body’s condition changes depending on the weather and I prepare myself appropriately.
Been: I make sure to take my vitamins.
Sion: I listen to MVP’s songs.

Last thing I do before I sleep…

Kang Han: I think about what kind of performance I want to show the next day before I fall asleep.
Rayoon: I think over what happened that day.
Gi Taek: I plan out the next day before I fall asleep.
P.K: I light scented candles and read a poetry book or listen to music.
Jin: I write in my diary..
Been: I think about the day’s performance.
Sion: I think over the day’s events and what I need to do tomorrow.

Best way to cheer me up when I’m down is…

Kang Han: I listen to hip-hop.
Rayoon: I eat what I want.
Gi Taek: If I eat more than usual, my mood goes up.
P.K: When I listen to happy music, I feel better.
Jin: I eat chocolate. Sweet things make me feel better.
Been: I take a walk and collect my thoughts.
Sion: I breathe in fresh air and yell “Hwaiting!”

Most prized possession?

Kang Han: My external hard drive with the song I worked on.
Rayoon: The ring on my left thumb. My mom gave it to me when I was 20 years old.
Gi Taek: Fan letters.
P.K: Everything my family gave me.
Jin: My diary.
Been: Childhood photos and fans’ hand-written letters.
Sion: Every gift from fans.

Place I want to visit that I haven’t yet?

Kang Han: The U.S.
Rayoon: Prague in the Czech Republic, and Kyoto in Japan.
Gi Taek: I want to travel all over the world
P.K: All over Europe.
Jin: The Eiffel Tower in Paris.
Been: I really want to go to Times Square in New York City.
Sion: I want to go to Venice, Italy.

Favorite English word/phrase?

Kang Han: 1: Easy come easy go. 2: Peace.
Rayoon: Various.
Gi Taek: Thank you so much! I love you!
P.K: I will not fail.
Jin: Love you, Beautiful.
Been: Amazing.
Sion: Love.

Special thank you to SubKulture Entertainment and PH Entertainment for giving us the chance to interview this talented new group!

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