Update: Minzy Teases Upcoming Solo Debut With New Album Preview

Updated April 13 KST: 

Less than a week left until Gong Minzy’s solo debut!

Her agency’s official YouTube channel, Music Works Official, dropped a highlight medley for her upcoming first mini-album, “Minzy Work 01 Uno.”

The title track, “Ninano” (feat. Flowsik), features a heavy bass beat and Minzy’s unique vocals in a club-style track. From the soaring “Superwoman” to the bangin’ “ING” to the more laid-back “Flashlight” (feat. Jay Park) and “Beautiful Lie,” Minzy’s new album looks like it will feature a variety of sounds while staying true to her signature sound.

Check it out below!

Original Article: 

Gong Minzy’s official solo debut is so close you can taste it. After teasing fans with a dance teaser and concept photos, Gong Minzy has finally revealed the track list for her upcoming release.

Her new album consists of six songs, one composed by Minzy, and all including lyrics by the ex-2NE1 member. Also turning heads and getting fans hyped for the solo debut are the artists featured on the album: Flowsik and Jay Park.

See the full track list below:

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