Cube Entertainment Further Explains Recent Situation Involving BTOB’s Minhyuk And His Ex-Girlfriend

Cube Entertainment has offered more details about how BTOB’s Lee Minhyuk came to message his ex-girlfriend, and clarified that he did not lie.

In a statement released on April 14, the agency explained that the idol did indeed date the girl in question, and that her and her current boyfriend’s claims that she did not date Minhyuk are false.

Earlier on the morning of April 14, Lee Minhyuk left a now-deleted post on BTOB’s fan cafe to explain a recent social media run-in with the current boyfriend, who had posted a warning comment on the idol’s Instagram account.

Cube Entertainment full statement reads:

“This is Cube Entertainment.”

“We are addressing the issue of BTOB’s Lee Minhyuk supposedly lying in his explanation regarding his ex-girlfriend.”

“Lee Minhyuk and his ex-girlfriend in question dated for around four months and often asked each other how they were doing following their separation. He happened to see someone who reminded him of her and had messaged [his ex-girlfriend] for the first time in a while because he was curious about her wellbeing, inciting this controversy.”

“The current rumors claiming that he lied in his explanation are all false.”

“We apologize that his explanation, which was written to alleviate the worries and misunderstandings of fans, has caused even greater confusion and worry.”

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