Apink Dedicate Handwritten Letters To Their Fans In Honor Of 6th Debut Anniversary

Apink has turned six years old!

Apink made their debut six years ago on April 19, 2011 with “Seven Springs of Apink” and the title track “I Don’t Know.” Since then they have branched out into solo activities in music, acting, and variety and gained love for their signature concept.

In honor of their anniversary, the Apink members dedicated handwritten letters to their fans, posted through the official Apink Twitter account.


“Hello, my PANDAs. The day to write 6th anniversary letters has already come… This time, as always, I am so thankful. I am writing this letter with a very happy heart. I hope that all the PANDAs who read this will be happy too! Today is not only Apink’s anniversary but also PANDAs’ anniversary too, so let’s be happy together!! For being able to feel love and gratitude that goes beyond the relationship between fans and singers, I am very thankful, and because of all of you I think that this life has been a success. I will always have a grateful mind and never take your love for granted. In order not to let you down we will become a harder-working Apink. I love you~”

Jung Eun Ji:

“Everyone~ I can’t believe it’s already been 6 years with all of you… The deep emotion I feel is immeasurable. From now on let’s continue to stay together. Everyone be healthy!! Thank you, and let’s keep making good memories together. My friends and my people.”


“Hello, my loves. It’s already been 6 years. It’s not a short time but thank you from the bottom of my heart for staying by our side. No matter what happens I will always feel grateful and apologetic to everyone!! Since we’re like a real family now, the more love you give us, the more regretful I feel. But I will work as hard as I can to make the time we have together more precious!! Congratulations on our 6th anniversary and though we’ve been together for 6 years, please look kindly on us in the future too. I love you!”

Son Naeun:

“We were able to come this far thanks you all of you, who laughed and cried with us wherever and whenever. From now on let’s become each other’s stars and light each other up and keep walking forward!! Thank you, I love you.”


“Hello. This is Apink’s ‘Namjoo…’ Time has passed and it’s already 6 years… Apink and the PANDAs we love, 6 years. It’s like a dream. We dreamed of debuting… Dreamed of getting No. 1… Dreamed of our concert… That Apink has fulfilled all their dreams in 6 years. All thanks to you. If not for PANDAs, the dream would have remained impossibly out of reach. Thank you, my stars. I love you. From now on, this dream… We won’t wake up from this dream.”


“Hello, this is Hayoung. It’s already been a long time since we first met PANDAs!! During that time we boosted each other up and supported each other and became each other’s shoulders to lean on like soulmates. As time goes on, we have gotten stronger and become stronger for each other!! When I think of the future and how we have many more days ahead of us to pile up good memories rather than the time that’s passed by, my worries disappear. I want to work harder to repay our PANDAs who support us no matter what we do or say. Thank you for being there for us and we will be there for our PANDAs as well. I love you.”

Congratulations to Apink!

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