Park Hyung Sik Admits That He Truly Loved Park Bo Young

In a recent interview, actor Park Hyung Sik said the words that virtually every “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” fan wanted to hear.

“I really loved Park Bo Young. She’s that lovable. She really was Do Bong Soon and, because Park Bo Young truly was Do Bong Soon, I loved her. I wanted to love her more but [the drama] unfortunately ended,” expressing his endless affection for his former co-star Park Bo Young.

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When asked why he chose to work on “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” Park Hyung Sik talked about being drawn to the charming character Ahn Min Hyuk as well as his co-star Park Bo Young and explained, “I felt that it would be stupid of me to say no to this kind of project. And then I learned that my co-star would be actress Park Bo Young, which is when I decided that I absolutely had to do this project. Everyone around me was very jealous.”

The two actors’ chemistry lit up the screen and they perfectly pulled off romantic scenes, including kiss scenes, like a real life couple would, which caused many to wonder if the two were actually dating. Park Hyung Sik added, “[Park Bo Young] is an expert at sweet, romantic scenes and is an expert at kiss scenes.”

“Ahn Min Hyuk fell in love with Do Bong Soon at first sight and I think that, because I followed and felt Ahn Min Hyuk’s emotional trajectory, the first kiss scene naturally came out so beautifully. Because I truly cared for [Park Bo Young/Do Bong Soon],” the actor explained.

Park Hyung Sik expressed satisfaction about his role as Ahn Min Hyuk because he was a character that expressed all of emotions openly, which allowed actor Park Hyung Sik to experience a sense of emotional liberation through his character. He also stated that he was similar to his character in many ways, which is why he was able to pull off the role in such a natural way. Ahn Min Hyuk’s character was notable for lines that, if anyone else said, would be cheesy, to which Park Hyung Sik replied, “I think [being good at saying cheesy things] runs in my family. We’re always telling each other we love each other and things like that.”

When asked if he was the type to express himself a lot when in a relationship, Park Hyung Sik replied with a laugh, “I try to express as much as I can. There’s actually no point in me trying to lie about anything because everyone can see exactly what I’m thinking through my facial expression. It’s ridiculous for me to even try.”

Meanwhile, in another interview, Park Hyung Sik talked about being affected by a certain actor when signing with his new agency and also lent his voice to the OST of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” which recently ended with impressive viewer ratings.

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