7 Stages Of Watching A K-Drama With Your Best Friend

It takes a long time, but every once in a while, we K-mania fans finally manage to convert someone into a drama addict. Applaud yourself for the success! Whether it be your sibling, your best friend, or another unlucky family member, here are the five stages of watching a drama together.

1. You finally have a drama buddy!

Of course, this is definitely cause for celebration.

2. Now that you and your partner have started watching your select K-drama, the obsession may begin.

Endless conversations about the plot, inside jokes about the show, and perhaps even reenacting your fave moments…these harmless actions will slowly spiral into intense fan-girling (or fan-guying). Possible symptoms involve carefully watching the drama for stuffed animals, and then scouring the internet in order to buy said stuffed animals. If you’re lucky, you might get matching ones!

3. Suddenly, however, disagreements begin to arise.

Your friend may like one actor over another, or begin comparing another drama. You might even — perish the thought — begin rooting for different male leads.

4. You begin telling the days of the week by referencing the highlight of the week: the days your dramas come out!

Friend: “What day is it?”

You: “Well, “The Liar and His Lover” is coming out tonight, so it must be-”

Friend: “Monday!”

5. Your twin obsessions may begin exasperating those around you.

Especially when you begin raving about your favorite drama again over lunch — but this is fine. How can you have time to worry about your sanity being questioned when the next episode is coming out soon? Perhaps forcing the rest of your friends and family to watch a variety show (with all your favorite drama actors) will sway them towards the right path.

6. Now that you’ve gotten through the first half of your show, the emotional plot rollercoaster begins.

You will both look forward to and dread the next episode — will your characters make it through okay? K-drama loyalty will be tested, as will the bonds of true friendship.

7. Finally, you get to your last episode!

It’s both a cause for celebration and mourning: you’ve reached the grand finale, but there’s nothing left. Now that your K-drama obsession is over, you’ll have to find a new show to curb you and your friend’s addiction — effective immediately!

Ariana K. Welsh is a college student who spends most of her time obsessing over K-dramas with her sister, dancing to loud music, and writing into the wee hours of the night. Her current fave things in life are: snow, Waldeinsamkeit by R.W. Emerson, and Butterbeer.

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