WINNER Succeeds With “Really Really”; Soompi’s K-Pop Music Chart 2017, April Week 5

WINNER’s “Really Really” held on to the No. 1 spot for the second straight week despite facing serious competition from several female artists. This song picked up another two music show wins last week on “Inkigayo” and “M!Countdown.” Congratulations again to WINNER!

There are three new songs in the top 10 this week. Moving up 10 spots to No. 2 is EXID’s latest hit “Night Rather Than Day,” which is the title track from EXID’s third mini-album “Eclipse.” It is a dance song with a unique combination of modern and retro style sounds. The lyrics are about one’s preference of night time over day time when it is too busy.

Moving up 14 spots to No. 3 is Apink’s Jung Eun Ji. Her latest solo hit “The Spring” is the title song from her second mini-album “Space.” This folk style song is made for the early spring season with its beautiful guitar melody and lovely lyrics about the arrival of spring. “The Spring” won on “Show Champion” last week.

Both “Night Rather Than Day” and “This Spring” are very close to the top this week, and will battle for No. 1 next week along with IU’s new song “Palette,” which is expected to be on our chart next week.

The last new song in the top 10 is Zico’s “She’s a Baby,” which is currently No. 6 on our chart. Zico had a successful solo run last year, which earned him an award for Best R&B/Hip Hop artist in the 12th annual Soompi Awards. Now he is back with his latest hit “She’s a Baby,” a slow R&B song about a man who shares his candid feelings about the woman he loves.

Singles Music Chart - April 2017, Week 5
  • 1 (–) Really Really
    • Chart Info
    • 1 Previous rank
    • 3 Number of week on chart
    • 1 Peak on chart
  • 2 (+10) Night Rather Than Day
    • Chart Info
    • 12 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 2 Peak on chart
  • 3 (+14) The Spring (feat. Hareem)
    • Chart Info
    • 17 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 3 Peak on chart
  • 4 (-1) Plz Don’t Be Sad
    • Chart Info
    • 3 Previous rank
    • 5 Number of week on chart
    • 1 Peak on chart
  • 5 (–) Spring Day
    • Chart Info
    • 5 Previous rank
    • 10 Number of week on chart
    • 1 Peak on chart
  • 6 (+14) She’s a Baby
    • Chart Info
    • 20 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 6 Peak on chart
  • 7 (-3) Can’t Love You Anymore (feat. Oh Hyuk)
    • Chart Info
    • 4 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 4 Peak on chart
  • 8 (-1) Make Me Love You
    • Chart Info
    • 7 Previous rank
    • 3 Number of week on chart
    • 7 Peak on chart
  • 9 (-1) KNOCK KNOCK
    • Chart Info
    • 8 Previous rank
    • 9 Number of week on chart
    • 1 Peak on chart
  • 10 (-8) I’ll Be Yours
    • Chart Info
    • 2 Previous rank
    • 4 Number of week on chart
    • 2 Peak on chart
Rank Song Artist/Band
11 (+4) Wee Woo PRISTIN
12 (+1) 좋다고 말해 (Tell Me You Love Me) Bolbbalgan4
13 (+14) 재밌어? (Love Is) Teen Top
14 (–) 오랜 날 오랜 밤 (Last Goodbye) Akdong Musician
15 (new) Ninano (feat. Flowsik) Gong Minzy
16 (-10) Fingertip GFRIEND
17 (-7) Fool WINNER
18 (-7) Movie BTOB
19 (+7) BLUE MOON Hyorin, Changmo
20 (+5) 바래다줄게 (Take You Home) n/a
21 (-2) 부담이 돼 (Anymore (feat. Whee In)) Jungkey
22 (new) Hate That I Miss You Lee Hae Ri
23 (–) 첫눈처럼 너에게 가겠다 (I Will Go To You Like The First Snow) Ailee
24 (new) 아름다워 (Beautiful) MONSTA X
25 (new) Always Apink
26 (-2) Beautiful Crush
27 (new) 봄날의 소나기 (Paper Umbrella) Yesung
28 (–) PATTERN Lee Hae Ri
29 (-7) Yesterday Block B
30 (-12) 컬러링북 (Coloring Book) Oh My Girl
31 (–) 불장난 (Playing With Fire) BLACKPINK
32 (-2) Stay With Me Chanyeol, Punch
33 (new) 나랑 사귈래 (Will You Go Out With Me) DIA
34 (-25) Never Ever GOT7
35 (-14) 에라 모르겠다 (FXXK IT) Big Bang
36 (new) 그 사람이 너라서 (Because Of You) Park Hyung Sik
37 (new) 쉽다 (Easy Love) SF9
38 (-2) 그대라는 사치 (Amazing You) Han Dong Geun
39 (new) Hwi Hwi Laboum
40 (-24) Would U Red Velvet
41 (+8) 잘자 (Sleep Tight (feat. Gil9Bong9)) Kisum
42 (-4) 이쁘다니까 (You Are So Beautiful) Eddy Kim
43 (-1) 비가와 (Rain) Soyou, Baekhyun
44 (-4) All I Wanna Do (K) (Feat. Hoody, Loco) Jay Park
45 (-8) 넘어와 (Come Over (feat. Baek Yerin)) Dean
46 (-11) The Song Zion.T
47 (-4) 내가 저지른 사랑 (The Love I Committed) Lim Chang Jung
48 (new) 뺏겠어 (Steal Your Heart) Unit Black
49 (-2) 비처럼 fall in love (Like Rain, Fall In Love) Hong Dae Kwang
50 (-2) 이 바보야 (The Fool) Jung Seung Hwan

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About the Soompi Music Chart

Soompi Music Chart is unlike any other music chart or television ranking. It takes into account rankings by various major music charts in Korea as well as the hottest trending artists on Soompi, making it a unique chart that reflects what’s going on in K-pop not only in Korea but around the world. Our chart is composed of the following sources:

GAON Singles+Albums+Social Chart – 25%
Various Internet Charts (Olleh, Bugs, Melon, Soribada, Genie) – 15%
Soompi Airplay – 20%
TV Music Show Charts (SBS Inkigayo, KBS Music Bank, MNet M!Countdown, MBC PLUS Show Champion) – 40%

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