Gary Suddenly Clears Out His Entire Instagram Account

On May 1, Gary caused confusion among fans after removing every post from his Instagram account.

The rapper had long been using his personal Instagram to communicate with fans, even using the account to share the news about his surprise wedding last month. With every post now gone, fans are wondering what has happened.

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On April 5, Gary announced his marriage to a non-celebrity via an Instagram post, writing, “I tied the knot with someone I love today. We didn’t have a wedding ceremony. We had a quiet agreement ceremony between just the two of us.”

Gary has not participated in any domestic promotional activities since leaving the SBS variety show “Running Man” last October, and in April, his scheduled concert in Malaysia was canceled. Gary’s agency explained that the cancellation was due to the production company’s failure to send the contract fee, not the marriage.

During a recent “Running Man” fan meeting in Malaysia, the rapper was mentioned by his former “Running Man” cast mates. Song Ji Hyo revealed that Gary had changed his phone number, while Haha said, “I congratulated him, but I didn’t get a reply. Gary is a very eccentric person. [He] will contact us soon. We understand. We love Gary.”

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