SECHSKIES Reveals Just How Involved Yang Hyun Suk Has Been In Their Comeback

SECHSKIES has nothing but good things to say about Yang Hyuk Suk.

On May 1, the veteran group appeared on SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show,” where they each expressed their gratitude for the YG Entertainment founder.

During the interview, Eun Ji Won revealed that Yang Hyun Suk participated in “all aspects” of their latest music video, including editing and mastering, and jokingly compared him to Joseon era scholar Heo Jun. “Yang Hyun Suk is extremely detailed,” Kang Sung Hoon continued. “He thinks that SECHSKIES especially needs a lot of work.”

Kim Jae Duk then brought up Lee Jae Jin’s shirtless scene in one of their new music videos, saying that despite the fact Yang Hyun Suk insisted that he didn’t do it, Lee Jae Jin decided to take his shirt off anyway.

Later in the interview, Jang Su Won, who is known for his rigid, robot-like acting, was asked about whether or not Yang Hyun Suk had advised him not to act. The member responded that while he was never flat-out advised not to act, it is probably being hinted. “YG Entertainment had a great acting part, but Yang Hyun Suk didn’t send it to me. It probably means that I should just stick to music,” he joked.

SECHSKIES is currently promoting their two new singles, “Sad Song” and “Be Well,” off their upcoming comeback album, “The 20th Anniversary.”

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