Yoon Yeo Jung Says She’s Down With Doing Another Season Of “Youn’s Kitchen”

PD Na Young Suk’s latest variety show, “Youn’s Kitchen,” is another hit. Yoon Yeo Jung, the star and manager of the restaurant in “Youn’s Kitchen” sat down for an interview and discussed the false reports claiming that this was her last variety show appearance.

Yoon Yeo Jung shared her concerns regarding the false article and said, “I met up with Shin Goo a few days ago and asked him what I should do now that people think this is my last variety program. He calmed me down and gave me wise words of advice. He told me that I shouldn’t be worried because politicians say they won’t do something all the time and end up doing it.”

Later, the veteran actress also spoke very highly of her fellow cast members and claimed, “If Na Young Suk wants to do a second season of “Youn’s Kitchen,” I would do it. That’s how much I enjoyed working with the team.” However, she added a small condition and said, “But I hope the second season travels to somewhere cooler. The weather in Indonesia was way too hot.”

During the interview, Yoon Yeo Jung also shared how perfect the casting was for the show. She commented, “Na Young Suk is a genius. He didn’t pick people who were already very close. He chose people who knew of and respected each other, and this was the right choice” and continued, “Picking Shin Goo to be the part-time worker is so entertaining. It was the cherry on top.”

Are you enjoying tvN’s latest variety hit?

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