Watch: VAV Is Fun And Quirky In Aesthetically Pleasing Teaser For “Flower (You)”

VAV takes the springtime concept to another level!

On May 2, the group dropped another teaser for their upcoming digital single, “Flower (You).” This time, the video serves as a sneak peek for their music video, which is already pleasing to the eyes with its light pastel tones.

The same catchy melody that was briefly revealed earlier plays in the background, as the members appear to be trying to woo a girl with their bouquets of flowers (and singing of course).

VAV’s agency previously said the group would be returning with “a fatally charming image,” and it looks like they won’t disappoint. Also check out their individual and group teasers while you wait for the release of VAV’s single album “Flower (You)” on May 3 KST!