Jeon Somi’s Little Sister Evelyn Makes Comment That Leaves “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2 Cast” In Tears, Laughing

Jeon Somi is known for her quirky and funny personality, and it looks like her little sister may be just like her!

The cast of “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2” held a V Live broadcast on April 1, while filming their music video for their girl group project.

Jeon Somi’s little sister, Evelyn, was also present on set, and during the broadcast, she made a unexpectedly hilarious comment when she said that Hong Jin Kyung’s breath smelled.

While the rest of the cast broke out into laughter, a flustered Hong Jin Kyung semi-jokingly said, “Don’t lie. People will misunderstand.”

Unsure of how truthful Evelyn was being, or if she was just being playful, Hong Jin Kyung carefully asked several times if it was true. When Evelyn simply said, “Really,” the other cast mates couldn’t help but laugh more as Evelyn continued to say , “It’s not a joke,” even when Hong Jin Kyung tried to convince her to say otherwise.

Eventually, Evelyn did follow up with, “Sorry! It’s a misunderstanding,” to which Hong Jin Kyung hilariously commented, “I’ll buy you something delicious to eat.”

Will we ever know if Evelyn was just being playful or really telling the truth? Maybe not, but check out how the preparations for “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2” cast’s “girl group debut” is going in the latest episode below!

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