Kriesha Chu From “K-Pop Star 6” Opens Official V Live Channel For Upcoming Debut

Kriesha Chu officially has a channel on V Live!

Previously, it was announced that Kriesha Chu was preparing to debut as a solo artist in May. With the creation of an official V Live channel, it appears fans will not have to wait much longer for her debut!

Currently uploaded to her V Live channel is a short teaser video that shows Kriesha Chu engaged in a variety of activities, including bike riding, boxing, and a photo shoot.

It has been reported that Kriesha Chu will upload two regular programs onto her V Live channel. The first program, “Churros,” will focus on Kriesha Chu’s own lovely story every Monday. The second program, “I Want Chu,” will air each Thursday as Kriesha Chu checks off items from her bucket list.

In addition to those two planned programs, Kriesha Chu plans to use her V Live channel to share information about her upcoming album and communicate actively with international fans.

Kriesha Chu recently finished as a runner-up on “K-Pop Star 6,” as part of the three-member girl group KWINS. During the show’s run, she was praised for her visuals and vocal tone, and her potential was recognized through her powerful performances.

The first official episode of “I Want Chu” will air this Thursday, May 4 on Kriesha Chu’s V Live channel.

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