“Youn’s Kitchen” Writer Reveals Why There’s No Love Line Between Lee Seo Jin And Jung Yoo Mi

The writer of “Youn’s Kitchen” has revealed what actors Lee Seo Jin and Jung Yoo Mi are like in real life.

During an interview held on May 2, writer Kim Dae Joo explained, “Lee Seo Jin and Jung Yoo Mi act like siblings in real life. They bicker sometimes and speak informally to each other. Lee Seo Jin surprisingly tends to take care of people younger than him. He’s a strange person. I think that’s why Jung Yoo Mi is able to lean on him.”

“Normally, it’s possible for a love line to occur if two people stick around each other for a long time, but Lee Seo Jin and Jung Yoo Mi are just like siblings. It’s not only because of their age difference; it’s just what their chemistry is like. That’s why the production staff doesn’t try to force a love line between them. Viewers don’t really like to see forced relationships, so they like to see the friendship between Lee Seo Jin and Jung Yoo Mi,” he added.

Have you been enjoying their interactions on the show?

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