Watch: IU Blesses Excited Fanboys With Thoughtful Fan Service

On May 1, IU guested on “Entertainment Weekly” and participated in the “Guerrilla Date” segment of the show.

She walked the streets of Hongdae to interact with fans and answer interview questions while a huge crowd trailed behind her.

At one point, three of her lucky fans were brought out to the front to receive a hug from IU, but not for free. They had to compete against each other in a small contest of specialties, in which they did their their utmost to sing IU’s songs and caused IU to crack up. Though she was supposed to choose a single winner to receive a hug from her, she decided to give all of them a hug.

Watch the clip below to see more hilarious IU fans and a more serious interview about her album “Palette” and the changes she’s experienced throughout the years!