53rd Baeksang Arts Awards Honors Film And TV Extras In Heartwarming Performance

The 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards were held on May 3 and one moment stood out to many of the actors who were there.

The concept of this year’s ceremony was “Healing,” containing a message of hope for everyone to forget the painful and hard times and start again.

Befitting of the concept, the awards ceremony prepared a special stage for the last performance of the first half of the event. Forte Di Quattro, the winning team from JTBC’s “Phantom Singer,” was joined on stage by 33 extras who have appeared in movies and dramas to perform Seo Young Eun’s “Dreaming.” The performance gave these actors the opportunity to be in the spotlight for the first time.

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The actors put their hearts into the music, singing about how much being an actor means to them. Feeling their sincerity and looking back on their own careers, many of the actors who were attending the ceremony could be seen tearing up. Some like Kim Go Eun, Han Ye Ri, and Yoo Hae Jin were wiping tears away while Seo Hyun Jin broke down in the middle of the performance.

After the performance, the names of all 33 actors were shown on the screen to honor them and their acting journey.

The actors’s names are as follows: Geum Gwang San, Kim Dan Bi, Kim Deuk Gyeom, Kim Min Ji, Kim Vi Vi, Kim Young Hee, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Jung Yeon, Kim Joo Young, Kim Tae Woo, Kim Hyun Jung, Park Byung Cheol, Park Shin Hye, Park Jong Bum, Bae Young Hae, Baek In Kwon, Song Ha Yool, Lee Yoon Hee, Lee Jae Eun, Lee Joo Won, Lee Jin Kwon, Lim Soo Yeon, Jeon Young, Jo Mi Nyeo, Cha Soo Mi, Choi Na Moo, Ha Min, Han Sung Soo, Han Chang Hyun, Hap Ki, Hong Dae Young, Hong Sung Ho, and Hwang Jae Pil.

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