Iron And Ex-Girlfriend’s Case To Head To Second Round Of Trials This Month

Rapper Iron (25, real name Jung Heon Chul) has been accused of assaulting and threatening his ex-girlfriend, known as A.

The Seoul Central District Course will hold their second round of trials on the case on May 30. Their last round of trials took place on April 18, where A was applied to by the prosecution as a witness and accepted by the judge. Iron also accepted his position as defendant, which means both sides are available for interrogation in the case.

A’s lawyer stated, “We have submitted an additional written statement to the court. The position of witness was an expected one. However, we have requested that the trial proceed privately so that our client does not incur further harm due to a violation of her rights. Iron did not negotiate with us and revealed A’s private information through an interview with a media outlet. Of course what he claimed was false so we are hoping that he is punished for this action.”

At the first trial, Iron had denied all the charges laid against him. He had been indicted by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Department on April 13 for assault and threatening behavior.

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