16 GIFs That Sum Up K-Pop Concert FOMO

The internet and social media make FOMO — fear of missing out — all too real. Are your friends hanging out without you? Is there a party going on that you weren’t invited to? Will you miss out on something amazing — a crazy good deal? a celebrity sighting? — if you stay at home tonight?

Now multiply those anxious feelings of FOMO when you add K-pop concerts into the mix. (Not that a concert announcement could ever in a million years go unnoticed by you.)

There’s that initial rush of excitement when you hear that your favorite K-pop group is going to have a concert soon, maybe even somewhere relatively close to where you live…

…and then the crushing realization that you. can’t. go.

Maybe the concert is on a weekday, and you can’t get out of school or work…

“Come on, just for one day, pleeeaase??”

Or maybe you’re short on funds and can’t afford the ticket and/or travel…


Whatever the reason may be, you can’t go to the concert — and it freaking SUCKS.

(Actually, cry a lot.)

Any time someone brings it up, you may or may not make this face at them:

You try not to pay attention as the rest of the fandom eagerly counts down to the concert:

Perhaps you funnel your FOMO feelings into food:

And you’re left to wait with bated breath for the fancams to go online:

You can bet that the second any pictures or videos hit the interwebs, you’re already putting them in your eyes:

Fancams are great, but you’ll never stop dreaming that one day you, too, will get to see this:

And this:

And this:

…in front of your own eyes.

Soompiers, is there a K-pop concert that you were DYING to see — but couldn’t? Share your FOMO feels in the comments!

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