15&’s Baek Yerin Calls Out Malicious Commenters And Vows To Take Legal Action Against Them

15&’s Baek Yerin has decided to take action against malicious commenters and those spreading false rumors.

On May 4, the singer uploaded a post on her Instagram, saying, “I can’t sue those that are bullying me via Instagram at this moment, but I think it will be possible pretty soon since this is happening to many people. I also think I will be able to take care of malicious comments and rumors that are spreading about me in other community sites.”

Baek Yerin further explained, “There is no need for me to explain every [rumor]. It will make me have a pessimistic view on everything if I do. Thank you to those worrying about me.”

The singer’s agency JYP Entertainment also posted a statement about this issue that read, “We will act firmly against those who defame and attack her character and will continue to protect the artist under the law. In order to protect her well, we are monitoring the web and looking over submissions from fans.”

The agency wrapped it up by saying, “Submissions sent by fans recently have been a big help towards the artist’s protection,” and asked for more submissions of any malicious comments or rumors about the artist.

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