Lee Hyori’s Upcoming Reality Show Draws Impressively Huge Number Of Applicants

There’s absolutely no doubt that many people have been waiting for Lee Hyori’s return to the industry!

It was previously announced that Lee Hyori would soon star in a new interactive variety show on JTBC called, “Hyori’s Home Stay” (literal translation), and that producers had begun accepting applications for people interested in participating and getting a taste of Lee Hyori’s life on Jeju Island.

On May 4, it was announced that more than 17,000 people had submitted applications, even though the application process was opened only just recently—on April 20. Regarding the huge amount of interest, Jung Hyo Min, the main producing director responded with laughter, “Of course, I did not know that this many people would sign up.”

The application process is now closed, and it is reported that the show is currently meeting with applicants who may appear in the first episode. Jung Hyo Min stated, “We are reviewing each one of the stories sent in by applicants meticulously and with care. For potential participants, I am not looking at the story, but at the person.” The director further explained that similar to how regular travelers don’t always choose to spend time with every stranger they meet at a guest house, the show is seeking participants who “make you want to talk to them more, get to know them, who are comfortable to be around.”

Reportedly other celebrities also applied to participate in “Hyori’s Home Stay.” PD Jung Hyo Min declined to speak more about this matter specifically, explaining that they do not know yet if the celebrity applicants will make the cut. “Those individuals will be concerned about getting along naturally with the non-celebrity participants, and we have concerns as well. There is no advantage given to celebrity applicants. They are placed on the same level of consideration as the other applicants in the casting process,” he commented.

For “Hyori’s Home Stay,” Lee Hyori and her husband Lee Sang Soon will run a guest house that is free for the participants for a limited time. It will be filmed as a reality show, and the writers and producers will not plan any of the events shown on the camera. Instead, everything will operate according to how Lee Hyori and her husband wish to do things, and the crew will simply film the couple as they do those activities. Jung Hyo Min specifically stated, “There is no script or direction from the staff. Since a basic premise of ‘Hyori’s Home Stay’ is that it is only temporary, it will truly operate like an owner running a guest house.”

Elaborating on the inspiration behind the unique show, “After getting married, Lee Hyori left the lifestyle of a top star to live quietly on Jeju Island. We thought it would be nice to show that natural side of her. We wanted to reveal their life together exactly as it is, as an ordinary married couple on Jeju Island and not a celebrity couple,” Jung Hyo Min shared.

However, the show may not be filmed at Lee Hyori’s actual home, as suggested by Jung Hyo Min’s previous statements. He currently is staying on Jeju Island, as he is still looking for the best place to film the show.

Would you have applied for this unique reality show?

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