Production Staff Of “Ruler: Master Of The Mask” Praise Kim So Hyun For Her Work Ethic And Kindness

Kim So Hyun, who will be starring in MBC’s upcoming historical drama “Ruler: Master of the Mask” as the optimistic and charming female lead Han Ga Eun, has received nothing but praise from the production staff members of the drama.

In a few stills from a shoot that took place in January, Kim So Hyun can be seen acting out a scene in which her character is warmly taking care of a sick child. Despite the freezing temperatures and the fact that she had to be on set from a very early call time, the actress displayed her impressive work ethic by reading the script over and over again as she filmed her scene. Plus, she showed no signs of tiredness while on set, earning the praise of the drama’s production staff.

Furthermore, when the camera wasn’t rolling, Kim So Hyun showed a great deal of affection for the child actor that was working with her for the scene. For example, the actress would place her hotpack over the child actor’s bare hands and worried that the child would be too cold in between takes. She also continued to talk with the actor when the camera wasn’t rolling in order to help the child feel more comfortable on set.

A staff member said, “Kim So Hyun is cheerful and kind both on and off camera, making her the best energizer. Kim So Hyun’s bright smile helps everyone on set have a good time while filming. Please look forward to watching Kim So Hyun’s lovable and energetic spirit through ‘Ruler: Master of the Mask.'”

The drama is about Crown Prince Lee Sun (Yoo Seung Ho), who fights against members of a corrupt organization who want to privatize the nation’s water supply for their own personal gain. The Crown Prince has to hide behind a mask, for reasons that are still unclear, and attempts to use this to his advantage by trading places with a brilliant but lowly commoner of the same name, who is played by INFINITE’s L (Kim Myung Soo). The two both fall in love with the same girl, Han Ga Eun (Kim So Hyun), complicating their inextricably linked fates even further.

Watch the latest preview for the drama here!

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