Watch: Lee Kyung Kyu And Kim Young Chul Lose Their Minds While Ticketing For An EXO Concert

In the first episode of TV Chosun’s “Delivery,” Lee Kyung Kyu and Kim Young Chul attempt to ticket for an EXO concert, after they receive a request from a client.

In the clip, viewers can see the two comedians sitting in a PC cafe, trying to log into a ticketing site so they can buy tickets for an EXO concert. The two get off to a rough start, as they fail at even logging in on the first try with only 30 seconds left until ticketing begins.

The two make it through to the ticketing site and become excited because it seems like they succeeded in one try; however, any K-pop fan who has ticketed before for their favorite idol group will know that this is rarely ever the case. The browser freezes up, a familiar situation for K-pop fans. Despite the hiccup, the two don’t give up and do all they can to obtain tickets for their client.

Watch the video to find out if they succeed in ticketing for the EXO concert!