EXID’s Hani Shares Amusing First Kiss Story + WINNER’s Mino Reveals His Own Unforgettable Memory

Not all first kisses are romantic, and can be just plain awkward sometimes, as EXID’s Hani and WINNER’s Song Mino might tell you!

On May 5, the highly anticipated variety show “Secret Variety Training Institute” (working title) finally aired its pilot episode. The program’s premise is that current idols would foster camaraderie amongst themselves as they learned skills that would help increase their performance on variety shows.

During a corner aptly named, “A Place for Communication,” Hani recalled in detail how she experienced her very first kiss back during her third year of middle school.

Her boyfriend at the time was a year older, and they were hanging out after their cram school, sometime in autumn.

While the setting sounds romantic, Hani reveals that her first kiss ended in embarrassment. “I was leaning against something, and (tilted my head back) like I was getting my teeth pulled out. Because of that, I remember I hit my head. I was so surprised that I ran away,” she explained.

However, Hani wasn’t the only one who remembered their first kiss as being something other than perfect. Mino also revealed how he experienced his first kiss in middle school as well, although it was in his first year.

He recalled, “I didn’t initiate [the kiss]. I was popular with the older female students when I was in middle school, and one of them once asked me to come outside. I experienced a sudden kiss on the stairs.”

Do you have a memorable first kiss story (or fantasy)?

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