Watch: VIXX Drops First Look At Their Music Video In New Teaser For Upcoming Comeback

Updated May 12 KST: 

VIXX has dropped the music video teaser for their upcoming track, “Do Won Kyung (Peach Blossom Spring)”!

The video, which is available through Jellyfish Entertainment’s Naver TV page, features a snippet of the title track, similar to what we heard in the highlight medley (see below). The music video also continues the East Asian mythology concept hinted at in previous teasers, with highly aesthetic stylizations of flowers, fruit, and planets.

You can watch the teaser below.

Updated May 11 KST: 

In their latest round of teasers, VIXX has unveiled a full shot of each member along with a small spoiler of the lyrics from their upcoming album, “Do Won Kyung (Peach Blossom Spring).”

Leo’s line: “The splendidly blooming flowers where even the wind is sweet, this place is a dream.”

Hongbin’s line: “Those sweet lips sparkle with a blinding light.”

Hyuk’s line: “I feel like I’m possessed by that heavy scent.”

N’s line: “The only one, I only know you. The place that I was seeking was you.”

Ken’s line: “Come close to me, let me be the only one you permeate.”

Ravi’s line: “Even the unripe peach is sweet.”

Updated May 10 KST: 

Five days ahead of their upcoming comeback, VIXX has teased a little of their choreography in a performance monitor spoiler.

The boys can be seen performing the dance for “Do Won Kyung (Peach Blossom Spring)” on a monitor, although mostly in silhouette. At the end, the dance appears to feature traditional fans in keeping with their East Asian mythology concept.

“Do Won Kyung” will be released on May 15 at 6 p.m. KST.

Updated May 8 KST:

As the days count down until VIXX finally returns, they have revealed another teaser! This time, they give a sneak peek at all the tracks that will be included in their mini album.

Updated May 7 KST:

VIXX has finally released the cover image and track list for their upcoming mini album! A notable detail is Ravi is a co-lyricist for every track included on the album.

Original Article:

This concept just keeps getting better and better!

On May 6, VIXX shared a deeper look into their Chinese/East Asian mythology concept with a visually-pleasing performance film, featuring none other than their leader, N!

Utilizing his background in modern dance to its fullest, N captivates as he effortlessly moves to a track that uses a combination of modern and traditional sounds. Looking as if he was floating in air, the idol is dressed in a modern interpretation of traditional clothing, similar to what he was wearing in previous teasers.

In Hangul, the characters of VIXX’s newest mini album and title track spell out “Do Won Kyung,” and refer to the “Peach Blossom Spring” in a Chinese fable about eternal paradise. The group has already revealed gorgeous individual teasers based on their birth flowers and birthstones, and will be steadily unveiling more clues before the whole mini album drops on May 15.

Check out N’s breathtakingly beautiful dancing in the performance film available here, and let us know what you think!

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