FNC Responds To Fans’ Worries About Choa Being Missing From AOA’s Activities

FNC Entertainment, girl group AOA’s agency, has responded to fans’ worries that AOA’s Choa may be leaving the group.

On May 6, FNC Entertainment said, “After the AOA concert in March, Choa requested a break for personal reasons and she is on break now in accordance to that.”

As for when she may be coming back, they said, “She will come back when she feels that it’s the right time.” They clarified, “There are no issues between her and the rest of the group. She is simply taking a break.”

Meanwhile, fans began to worry about her presence in the group when AOA performed as a five-member group sans Choa and Seolhyun at the 25th Yeoncheon Festival in Gyeonggi Province. According to FNC Entertainment, Seolhyun was not able to attend this schedule because she was filming an advertisement.

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