EXO’s Baekhyun Shines Bright Like The Light He Is Through Fans’ Heartfelt Birthday Projects

May 6 marks the special day EXO’s Baekhyun was born, and fans around the world celebrated with much joy!

Just two days before on May 4, Baekhyun personally ushered in his birthday early with fans at an intimate event, where he prepared a fun game of bingo and just chatted with his loving fans. As affectionate as always, he satisfied fans’ curiosities during a Q&A session, and expressed how much he loved and was grateful for everyone.

The event was held at SM Artium located in COEX Mall, where presidential candidate Moon Jae In was also holding an event. A spokesperson for Moon Jae In’s campaign expressed birthday wishes for Baekhyun on Twitter as well, after noticing that his party was also being held the same day as the candidate’s event.

Just like Baekhyun’s superpower, his fans worldwide because beacons of light to many in need through their charitable donations to organizations like UNICEF, World Wildlife Fund, Save the Children, and countless more, in honor of their favorite star.

A remarkable fan notably donated $100 to 26 different organizations each, over the course of 26 days. Other non-monetary donations included eco-friendly sun lamps to impoverished families in Myanmar who don’t have regular access to electricity, and 560 kilograms (approximately 1,235 pounds) of dog food to the Korean Society for Animal Freedom, in order to help abandoned dogs.

Fans also took birthday projects to the next level, in addition to the expected subway, bus, billboard, and cafe ads. Some of the most impressive ones included Baekhyun Baidu Bar’s seven-part project, which included an entire subway train on the airport express line decked out in support for Baekhyun, and as well as his face on a limited number of Jin Air boarding passes.

Slowly becoming a tradition for EXO, fans also set up a birthday ad in Times Square, New York.

A group of fansites also made a video (which you can below) that was used for widespread Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube advertisements in honor of Baekhyun’s birthday.

Meanwhile, EXO will be performing 2017 K-Pop Festival in Myanmar alongside labelmates NCT 127, and TRAX later tonight, on May 6.. They also have their history-making encore concerts for their third concert tour “The EXOr’DIUM” set for May 27 and May 28.

We send our warmest wishes to Baekhyun on his birthday!

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