Lee Ji Hye Tearfully Recalls The Time She Got Bullied In S#arp

Lee Ji Hye, a former member of ’90s co-ed group S#arp, opened up about her painful memories from 15 years ago.

During the May 7 episode of MBC’s “Human Documentary,” Lee Ji Hye talked about the time her fellow member Seo Ji Young had physically and verbally bullied her, leading up to the group’s disbandment in 2002.

Lee Ji Hye expressed that she had to hide her feelings and endure a lot of pain, fearing that her group and career would come to an end.

“I even rode in a separate car. I was a member of S#arp, yet I was always alone,” she tearfully recalled.

One of her other fellow members named Jang Suk Hyun, who was still close friends with her, also appeared in the episode. During S#arp’s promotions, he repeatedly asked her to endure the bullying for the sake of the group.

“She went through a lot. Only Lee Ji Hye could’ve endured that. If she hadn’t, the group would’ve disbanded much earlier,” said Jang Suk Hyun, praising her strong personality.

11 years after the group’s disbandment, Jang Suk Hyun got all the members together so they could talk about the past and clear up any misunderstandings. After about an hour of silence, the four members were able to reconcile.

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