Suran Talks About Her Name And Its Odd Relation To Eggs In Search Engines

Singer Suran revealed she had something quite interesting to celebrate, aside from her topping the charts with her new song, “Wine.”

On May 7, Suran was interviewed by MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay” to talk about “Wine,” her new song that was produced by BTS’s Suga and features rapper Changmo.

When congratulated on her recent success, Suran stayed humble as she replied, “I think people are really enjoying my fresh voice.”

She also said, “When people hear my name, they think of poached eggs [Romanization for ‘poached egg’ in Korean is ‘suran’]. My real name is Shin Suran, and it actually means ‘Orchid by the water.'” Suran proudly added, “Before, when you typed ‘Suran’ in search engines, the first that popped up would be how to make poached eggs. Now, I’m the first thing that pops up.”

Suran expressed gratitude for all the love she is receiving, and also hoped that people will keep an eye on her as she plans to release a mini-album this month.

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