Seungjae Is Fearless As He Speaks English To Native Speakers On “The Return Of Superman”

On the May 7 broadcast of “The Return of Superman,” Seungjae stole hearts as he showed that his cuteness has no language barriers.

He went to a cafe with his dad, Go Ji Yong. Seungjae went inside, shouting for hot chocolate. He then proceeded to approach a foreign couple sitting nearby, saying in English, “Hi, hello!”

The couple then asked Seungjae “What’s your name?” and he replied, “Seungjae!” with no hesitation whatsoever.

The couple seemed impressed with this little boy’s English and asked Go Ji Yong how old he was. When his dad replied, Seungjae seemed to think that his dad had taken away another chance for him to talk. He started talking in an alien language of his own, making everyone laugh.

The couple then told him how cute he was, and Seungjae replied with an adorable smile, “Thank you!”

Check out the adorable episode below!