7 Idol Stories That Will Make You Blush

Sometimes, when idols let their guard down a little, they seem to spill the most curious information. Some people would regard it as TMI. For us fans, it’s absolute gold. Here is a compilation of some of the best blush-worthy stories from our favorite idols, from “Eww!” to “Ooh.” Here we go!

1. Hani and the toilet tale

Starting this list quick and easy: EXID’s LE spilled the beans on Hani’s bathroom habits in 2015 on KBS 2TV’s quiz show “1 Vs. 100.” Supposedly Hani frequently just doesn’t flush the toilet. While this doesn’t sound too strange, for people with rampant imaginations, this is pretty… not pretty. Still, it won’t stop us from loving Hani.

2. INFINITE’s Sunggyu and the stomach typhoon

During INFINITE’s showcase on September 19 last year, Sunggyu had to excuse himself to the restroom by stating he had “a typhoon in his stomach.” So while this is already pretty blush-worthy, what’s actually so curious about this story is that, according to Sunggyu, it was a misunderstanding. He clarified the next day on SBS Radio Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” that he didn’t mean to say he was going no. 2 and that all the reports saying so were exaggerating. Imagine having to go to the toilet, excusing yourself with a little joke, that joke blowing up in the news, and then having to clarify your restroom details publicly. That makes me uncomfortable even months later and on a different continent.

3. T.O.P’s bathroom selfie

Last year, BIGBANG’s T.O.P posted the very controversial “#poo” selfie on his personal Instagram. The picture shows him from above sitting on a toilet supposedly while… well… see the hashtag. He later explained on MBC’s “Radio Star” that it was intended to promote BIGBANG’s song “FXXK IT,” but even his bandmates and CEO Yang Hyun Suk criticized his post. Pretty much the definition of TMI in one picture.

4. SEVENTEEN’s sharing habits

You made it to the non-restroom-part of the article! I’m proud of you. So, to start up your imagination for the juicier, shower-heavy part: The 13 members of SEVENTEEN, at your service. On SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show,” they talked about their dorm only having three bathrooms. And while three bathrooms seems like quite a lot, it certainly isn’t for 13 members. So SEVENTEEN share a bathroom three people at a time. It’s practical, smart, efficient, and for CARATs, probably quite intriguing.

5. EXO’s legacy of shower stories

Okay so this goes back a long way. At EXO’s debut showcase in 2012, Baekhyun talked about how he and Sehun usually wash up together and pose in front of the mirror. From that moment on, EXO shower stories were kind of a thing – and no EXO-L would ever complain. Kai being caught dancing in the shower, showering two at a time, a lot of things seem to be going on in EXO’s bathroom. And while it’s a sign of great camaraderie and friendship between the members, of course it also has some minds go straight into the gutter.


During a “Kiss The Radio” episode in 2015, Youngjae shamelessly exposed JB’s habit of sleeping completely naked (keep in mind: next to him). This also fits the image of JB that Jackson spilled during a fanmeet, claiming JB likes to walk around the dorm in his birthday suit and shower with the door open. Mr. Bravado at his best.

On the March 30 episode of “Shin Yang Nam Show,” BamBam told the glorious story of his first time meeting Youngjae. Long story short: Bams was completely naked, posing with his arms behind his head. So this is not members having to use a bathroom together because there is no space. This is completely voluntary nakedness, seemingly happening on a daily basis, making things like NAKED7, NUDIST7, or EXHIBITIONIST7 pop up in the heads of iGOT7s.

7. The R-rated side of BTS

In 2014, BTS admitted on “Kiss The Radio” that they all like to sleep naked. Oh and that’s not all. Apparently “V likes exposure” (Thanks, Rapmon!), as in V likes to take his clothes off.
Talking about our favorite spiller of teas from BTS, we can’t forget the “Yaman TV” incident: Rapmon dragged all his members with him when being confronted with the fact that their studio computer seems to get virus after virus. Jimin revealed that it’s due to Rapmon downloading.. ahem… certain movies. Rapmon was quick to retaliate though, claiming all members watch the movies he downloads. Seems like that one backfired, Chim!

Little reminder that this list is neither intended to be complete nor taken seriously. I mean yeah… it’s hard to not blush while reading through these, but these stories are also proof that our idols are just human beings. We’re very thankful they let us in on such private information just for the laughs.

What did we miss? Do you know more juicy stuff about your idols? Please feel free to spill the tea in the comments!

daisygonzo is a twenty-something from Europe enjoying little stories about idols that make them seem more like normal people. She’s also preparing her second trip to Korea right now and is procrastinating by writing.