“Produce 101 Season 2” Trainee Kim Dong Bin Also Under Fire For Sharing Song Preferences

Not long after Kang Daniel apologized for revealing his concept song preference on Instagram, it was found that Kiwi Media Group trainee Kim Dong Bin had also shared his preferences.

On May 5, Mnet revealed five concept songs that the trainees would perform for a new performance evaluation on “Produce 101 Season 2.” They then began a poll online for the “national producers” (viewers) to vote for the trainees that best match with each concept song. Each song will be performed by the trainees that were assigned through these votes.

On May 6, his fan union Shining Star posted on Twitter, “We heard that Dong Bin wants to do “Open” or “Never.” Please vote for Dong Bin to perform one of those tracks!”

As controversy rose about the unfairness of certain trainees revealing their song preferences while others didn’t, screenshots of KakaoTalk messages sent by the vice-president of the fan union revealed that Kim Dong Bin’s father had told them to promote that his son likes those two songs. They then deleted the tweet when he asked them to do so later on.

In response, some netizens noted that it may be a problem with the system at this point, as two trainees have already been called out for the issue. It is also not unlikely that several other trainees may have shared their preferences with others through various methods. They commented that the trainees should just get to choose themselves, as the fans just want their favorite trainees to get the song they would like to perform.

What is your take on this issue?

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