G-Dragon Shares Adorable Letter He Wrote To His Parents When He Was A Kid

In honor of Parents’ Day, G-Dragon shared one of his precious childhood memories.

On May 8, he uploaded a photo of a heartfelt letter he had written to his parents when he was young. The accompanying caption said, “#A handwritten letter from my childhood #Parents’ Day.”

In the letter, G-Dragon wrote, “Since it’s Parents’ Day today, I want to thank you two for all the love you’ve been giving me. You gave birth to me, raised me to be healthy, and sent me to a good school. I will never forget your kindness. I’m sorry for not being a good son to you, Mom. I will become a better son in the future. Mom and Dad, I will not ask you to buy me things. I will pray to God that the two of you will always be healthy. I love you, Mom and Dad. Love, Ji Yong.”

?❣️#어버이날 #ParentsDay

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