Triple H Talks About How They Came To Know Each Other Before Forming A Unit

On May 8, Cube Entertainment’s subunit Triple H (HyunA, PENTAGON’s Hui and E’Dawn) appeared as guests on the SBS Power FM radio show “Lee Guk Joo’s Young Street.”

Lee Guk Joo asked the group, “I’m curious as to how the three of you came to meet.”

E’Dawn said, “When I was still a trainee, she’d asked me to feature on some of her performances so we became a little closer through that. After that we stayed in contact occasionally. I would ask her advice if I was having any difficulties, and we’d talk through music issues and concept ideas. We worked together a lot so our company must have thought it was a good idea to put us together.”

Lee Guk Joo also asked HyunA if other people found it difficult to approach her due to her sexy and confident image. Instead, HyunA said with a smile, “I like [that image].”

Triple H recently released their debut album as a unit, “199X.”

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