IU Hilariously Throws In The Towel During Cute “Argument” With Her Manager

On May 7, IU’s manager uploaded a screenshot of a conversation he had with the singer recently on his personal social media account.

The manager had messaged IU about her schedule, writing, “Pickup at 11 tomorrow.” IU responded simply, “Why.”

Ignoring her question, the manager added, “Prep at 11:30” and IU repeated “Why,” showing a little bit of relatable rebelliousness at the thought of having to go to work on Monday.

This time the manager answered, “You have a fan signing.” IU, imitating a little kid, responded, “Why!!!”

However, when the manager answered, “Because it’s a promise you made with your fans,” IU threw in the towel hilariously quickly, writing back, “Acknowledged.”

Because of their quippy relationship, IU’s manager is well-known among fans and the two are sometimes referred to as “Tom and Jerry.”

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