INFINITE’s L Cries His Eyes Out In New Stills For “Ruler: Master Of The Mask”

MBC’s newest historical drama, “Ruler: Master of the Mask,” recently unveiled new stills of INFINITE’s L completely immersed in his character and sobbing his eyes out.

L plays the role of Lee Sun, who has an ingenious mind but is limited because of his family’s low social status. The stills that were released show the singer-turned-actor on the dirt floor, with an expression on his face of complete despair. There are tears flooding his eyes, so it will be interesting to find out what made his character sob like this.

Although this is L’s first time filming a historical drama, he has received countless words of praise for his professionalism and acting ability. A production staff revealed that the filming took place in January 2017, and despite the harsh winds and freezing weather that made it difficult to film, L was able to cry on the spot as soon as the filming started.

A producer from the drama commented, “L has put forth an immense amount of effort to show the emotions behinds his character. The emotions in this scene was especially crucial to the story, but he was able to pour his heart into the role with absolute focus. Please look forward to seeing a different side of L through this drama.”

Meanwhile, MBC’s “Ruler: Master of the Mask” premieres on May 10!

What do you think L is crying about in the stills?

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