Yang Hyun Suk Gives Props To Comedian Yang Se Hyung For Helping WINNER Dominate Music Charts

On May 9, Yang Hyun Suk posted a message thanking comedian Yang Se Hyung and MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” for helping WINNER’s “Really Really” continue to dominate charts.

Yang Se Hyung gained a lot of attention by performing WINNER’s “Really Really” in front of a group of senior citizens on last week’s episode of “Infinite Challenge.”

This particular message is notably Yang Hyun Suk’s 444th post on Instagram, which symbolizes WINNER’s comeback on April 4 at 4 p.m. KST. According to the report, Yang Hyun Suk has put his heart and soul into supporting WINNER to make a successful comeback. It was also revealed that the producer had not only posted about WINNER on his social media, but also took the boys out to celebrate their fifth win on music programs.

Check out Yang Se Hyung’s hilarious cover of WINNER’s “Really Really” from “Infinite Challenge” on Viki!

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