CROSS GENE And SF9 Will Battle It Out To Become Idol Variety Kings On “Weekly Idol”

On May 10, idol groups CROSS GENE and SF9 will be battling it out for the title of “Variety Idol King” on “Weekly Idol.”

“Weekly Idol” has been carrying out a corner that helps idols wanting to branch out into variety programs show off their fun and hidden talents. In the upcoming episode, CROSS GENE and SF9 will compete for the title of “Idols you just trust and watch,” meaning that the group is so entertaining that viewers don’t need any other context besides knowing that the group will be on the show to be inclined to watch it.

CROSS GENE and SF9 will compete in a variety of games, determining everything from who can do the weirdest things with their bodies to who can sing the highest pitch.

Previous winners of the “Idols you just trust and watch” title were ASTRO and VICTON. Stay tuned for the next episode to see which idol group will be the next successor to the throne.

“Weekly Idol” airs every Wednesday at 6 p.m. KST.

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