“Produce 101 Season 2” Contestant Yoo Seon Ho’s Kind Personality Brought To Light

Cube Entertainment trainee Yoo Seon Ho, currently ranked No. 15 on “Produce 101 Season 2,” has been revealed to have a kind personality.

The mother of Yoo Seon Ho’s middle school classmate recently posted on an online community, describing what she had witnessed while volunteering at his school during lunch time.

She wrote, “A teacher was walking back into the building after smoking a cigarette when he suddenly ran into Yoo Seon Ho. After noticing that his teacher had smoked, Yoo Seon Ho lightly scolded him, saying, ‘You smoked, right? You told me you would quit smoking!’ When his teacher got embarrassed, he continued, ‘You can’t smoke again, okay?'”

His classmate’s mother then shared another story about what had happened when Yoo Seon Ho participated in a neighborhood event as a band member. “His homeroom teacher wasn’t present at the time so I had to look after everyone’s valuables. After the event ended, Yoo Seon Ho came up to me and politely thanked me for watching over his things,” she explained.

She then posted a photo that she had taken with him right after the event.

She also revealed that Yoo Seon Ho really cherished his younger brother. “I could tell that his mother was really glad to have such a reliable son,” she expressed.

Furthermore, she complimented him for hugging every single teacher on the day of his graduation. “He was always polite to adults, and he maintained a good network of friends. He always greeted me even though he didn’t know me very well,” she added.

Have you been rooting for Yoo Seon Ho on “Produce 101 Season 2”?

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