Lee Hyori Shocks Her Producer With Her Unique Way Of Warming Up Before Recording

In the middle of preparations for her upcoming comeback and return to the entertainment industry, Lee Hyori recently showed a very unique method of warming up.

On May 9, producer Kim Dong Hyun posted a photo of Lee Hyori doing yoga on his personal Instagram. In the caption he wrote, “It was time to start recording but I couldn’t see her so I went into the booth and she was like this… For a second I thought I was in ‘The Exorcist.'”

In the photo, Lee Hyori shows off her amazing flexibility as she bends backwards at the waist.

Lee Hyori recently signed a contract with Kiwi Media Group, where legendary producer Kim Hyung Suk works. She is also working with Kim Do Hyun, who previously produced her track “10 Minutes.”

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