DAY6 Picks Which Member They Think Is The Most “Tsundere” Character

On May 9, DAY6’s Jae, Wonpil, and Dowoon appeared on the Naver V Live broadcast “NCT X DAY6 Radio Recording!”

During the show, NCT’s Johnny, after reading a listener’s story, asked the DAY6 members, “Who is the most ‘tsundere’ character in DAY6?” “Tsundere” is a Japanese term for a character who acts cold and uncaring on the outside but is warm and loving on the inside.

Jae said, “I think Wonpil has the most ‘tsundere’ side of him.” Dowoon agreed, saying, “He pretends like he doesn’t care but he takes care of us behind-the-scenes. He has that ‘tsundere’ vibe.”

Johnny then asked Wonpil about the “tsundere” line that had appeared in the story he had just read. Wonpil joked, “I think it was pretty weak.”

DAY6 recently released their monthly track “Dance Dance” for the month of May. 

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