Kim Jong Kook Confesses How Too Much Protein Had Negative Health Consequences

Kim Jong Kook recently made an unexpected confession about his health.

On the May 8 broadcast of TV Chosun’s “Let’s Go Where We Want” (working title), Kim Jong Kook and his mother went on a trip to Vietnam together.

They finished off the day with a seafood dinner. When steamed shrimp appeared, everyone cheered and started eating, but Kim Jong Kook didn’t touch the dish.

He explained, “I have gout. It’s because I ate too much protein while I was exercising and all.” Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis where joints experience pain and swell up because of uric acid crystallizing and depositing. Sudden attacks of severe pain can occur as well.

He said, “I suffered for 2 years because I didn’t realize that it was gout. I just thought I hurt myself. The doctor misdiagnosed it, so I didn’t know it was gout. They only measured the uric acid levels and said it wasn’t gout, but apparently you can get gout from high cholesterol as well.”

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