Ji Chang Wook And Nam Ji Hyun Share Their Thoughts On Their Characters In “Suspicious Partner”

One day ahead of the premiere of “Suspicious Partner,” lead actors Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun offered up their thoughts on their new roles.

Ji Chang Wook recently built up his resume with action-packed roles in “The K2,” “Healer,” and “Fabricated City” but is challenging a new rom-com role in “Suspicious Partner.”

“Because this is a romantic comedy I have a lot of anticipations and curiosity,” he said. “The script is really entertaining and the actors were friendly so I think we were able to have a lot of fun on set.

About his character, No Ji Wook, he said, “Whether it’s his career or his life philosophy, he’s very stubborn. His stubbornness comes from his uniqueness so I think the audience can relate to his charms. I think we’ll be able to show off a good chemistry with Bong Hee in the drama.”

Nam Ji Hyun recently garnered attention in the unexpected hit “Shopping King Louie,” in which she starred alongside Seo In Guk.

“Since I want to show a completely different side of myself, I’m working hard,” she said. “I want to have a good time filming and show the audience something good.”

About her character, Eun Bong Hee, she said, “Bong Hee is surprisingly simple and cool. Overall she is very energetic, but she also has a very worldly side that takes care of her own profit. Of course she can be like a vitamin too. She is very bright and refreshing.”

Park Sun Ho, the producing director (PD) of “Suspicious Partner,” had nothing but praise for her as well, saying, “Nam Ji Hyun’s acting went above and beyond my expectations. Her synchrony with her character is 100 percent. She has great chemistry with Ji Chang Wook and her acting gave me strength as a director.”

“Suspicious Partner” airs every Wednesday and Thursday. Watch the latest episode at Viki!

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