Highlight’s Yoon Doo Joon Shares Personal Choice For Popular Food Debate

This is a question that any lover of Korean-style Chinese food will find themselves being asked, or asking!

On the May 9 broadcast of “Home Food Teacher Baek 3” (tentative title), celebrity chef Baek Jong Won taught viewers and panelists alike how to cook a variety of popular Korean-style Chinese food, such as sweet and sour crispy pork (tangsuyuk) or steamed buns.

He first showed how to easily fry up the pork pieces at home, and surprised everyone by using a pre-packaged back of sweet and sour crispy pork. The chef explained the key was just to make the pork extremely crispy, almost like fried chicken, and to make a really nice sauce out of lemon, sugar, vinegar, thick soy sauce, and ginger.

Baek Jong Won then proceeded to demonstrate how to make the dish, and finished it off by unexpectedly mixing the pork pieces in the sauce while it was still in the pan. The decision to dip or pour the sauce of sweet and sour crispy pork is a highly contested question, one that many get defensive about.

Panelist Yoon Doo Joon shared his thoughts, and revealed, “Personally, I like to dip my tangsuyuk. I would curse if someone poured the sauce.” However, he conceded, “But, if my sweet and sour pork was like this [dish made today], then I think it’s okay to pour the sauce.”

If you’ve had this dish before, do you like to dip or pour the sauce?

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