Jun Jin’s Father Claims He Can See Shinhwa’s Future When It Comes To Marriage

Will we hear more marriage news this year from Shinhwa?

Shinhwa member Jun Jin’s father Charlie Park recently appeared on the May 9 episode of MBC’s “Video Star,” where he discussed the longstanding idol group’s future in marriage.

He commented, “I didn’t expect Eric would get married,” when asked about Shinhwa member Eric’s upcoming marriage to actress Na Hye Mi.

Jun Jin’s father hilariously followed up with, “I have a feeling I know who the second and third member after Eric to get married will be.”

However, he stopped before he revealed any more information, and Cha Tae Hyun‘s father also jokingly advised him to stop and “regain your wits.”

Amusingly, many comments pointed out, “So, that means there’s at least two Shinhwa members currently dating.”

Who do you think will be the next to marry in Shinhwa?

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