PSY Praises BTS And Gives Them Advice In Regards To Fame And Recognition Overseas

In a recent interview ahead of his long-awaited comeback, artist PSY talked about BTS’s international reach and recognition.

He said, “I saw that BTS is very famous overseas. I’m very proud of them and think they are very worthy of that attention.”

As someone who has also experienced a great deal of unexpected fame overseas, PSY said, “I’m a very unique example of success and so is BTS. In a way, it seems like the artists that people don’t expect these kinds of results from are the ones who experience that sort of unprecedented success.”

The artist complimented the group and said, “I remember seeing [BTS] at music programs a few times at the time of their debut. Seeing them work so hard made me proud. I think BTS will continue to grow into an even more recognized group moving forward.”

Finally, PSY shared some advice for BTS and said, “I want to tell them, that regardless of how long they promote overseas, to not feel burdened. They’ve already established that they are artists worthy of recognition in Asia.”

Meanwhile, PSY’s eighth album “4X2=8” will drop at 6 p.m. KST tonight.

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