“Running Man” Reveals Next Locations Of Their Global Race Series

SBS’s “Running Man” has set its sights on Mongolia and Russia!

On May 10, a representative of the show confirmed, “The members of ‘Running Man’ will be dividing into two teams and heading to Mongolia and Russia. This will be a continuation of their ‘global project,’ and they will be heading out between May 14 and May 15.”

“Running Man” has recently amped up their races with new “global missions,” in which members will be tasked with visiting tourist attractions that are part of a “Dangerous tourist attractions to visit before you die” list as a form of punishment. The cast recently traveled to Osaka and Taiwan for a one-day overseas trip to carry out various missions.

The shake-up of new members and a new format seems to be working. Viewer ratings of “Running Man” once dropped to 2.8 percent, but have since been on a steady rise with the most recent episode coming in at 6.3 percent.

What kind of missions do you think the “Running Man” team will be carrying out in Mongolia and Russia?

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