VIXX’s List Of Epic Concepts Is Just Getting Longer And Longer

Have you seen the latest VIXX music video? The new East Asian mythology concept for their album “Shangri-La” is amazing. Just like they’ve been doing on a consistent basis since their “Super Hero” debut on May 24, 2012, these concept kings rocked our worlds — again. Only this time they went old school and tapped into history for inspiration.

Through the years, the six-member idol group has delivered on concepts that have made them the go-to for creative ideas. They’ve always been strong, but “Hyde” heralded in the VIXX that we now all know and love: the VIXX that gives us a full story to follow, ship, and enjoy with each and every comeback. Let’s travel from videos past to present and touch on nine powerful VIXX concepts to commemorate the group’s recent 5th debut anniversary.


Let’s start with “Hyde.” I remember that the mysterious video really made me sit up and take notice of the talented sextet. This Robert Louis Stevenson-inspired concept was paired with a “Jekyll” re-release and depicted the group as men who felt the pull of the dark side. An inner struggle is apparent throughout the choreography, the juxtaposed costuming, impetuous behavior, and the spurts of melody. Despite the darkness that runs through it, VIXX makes a statement from quiet start to creepy finish, which is exactly how it should be.


Next jump into “Voodoo.” Nothing declares effectiveness quite like the “clean” version of a teaser paired with a grisly partner. The story of a twisted woman who uses voodoo dolls to control and harm these six gorgeous men, “Voodoo” is a high-energy and imaginative with a dark, powerful draw. These videos are some of my favorites with their creativity in marrying all elements into a cohesive whole. Plus, I have a penchant for guys who play on the dark side.


Moving away from the more grisly concepts, VIXX tackled “Eternity,” a concept about love edged with sadness. The promo material described the boys as trapped in a moment in time that stretches for eternity. This sexy, ethereal video is effective as it embodies the more cerebral concept of love and its elusive nature with movement through time, clocks, and disappearing VIXX members. While not as concrete as “Hyde” or “Voodoo,” “Eternity” is nonetheless effective, mimicking the timelessness of love and all that surrounds it.


Keeping with the love story theme, this time VIXX teased a tragic, futuristic love story of a man and his cyborg love who meet their ends together. Hongbin’s effective acting draws in the viewer and the organic dance reflects the rise and fall of his tragedy. This is a particularly mesmerizing concept because of its concrete nature and explicitly defined story.

Chained Up

This video explores the sexy side of VIXX. A mysterious woman with cuffs and chains waits just out of sight as the six members struggle against the real and mental bonds that she has placed upon them. Imagery of entrapment is littered throughout, mimicking the title. Very much like their other dances, this one mirrors the lyrics, showing the boys struggling against invisible bonds and lashing out with whipping motions. Bondage is the name of the game, and VIXX had me bound to them with this risqué concept.


“Dynamite” was unusual in that it was the first single of VIXX’s year long promotions for the Conception Trilogy, a Greek mythology-inspired extended concept. “Zelos” — the name of VIXX’s fifth single album and the Greek god of jealousy and zeal — was VIXX’s first concept film, a minute-long teaser of the boys wandering through what looks to be a ruined warehouse. The video for “Dynamite” played on the location concept, but cut through the darkness with the bright music and choreography. Only the lyrics reflected jealousy, an emotion often found wandering beneath the surface. Pairing the concept film with the video was brilliant, and emphasized VIXX’s place on the royal throne of concept kings.


“Fantasy” is the second installment in the Conception Trilogy found on “Hades.” As one would expect from a single album titled after the Greek god of the underworld, “Fantasy” was a darker concept from the get-go. The video invoked feelings of tragedy and mystery with smoke, wandering in the woods, thorns, blood, and a general sense of unease. Trapped by the power of something unknown, the boys sing of desperation and desolation as they cling to their fantasy for hope. Don’t worry boys, your Starlights will always be there to help you out!

The Closer

It is only fitting that the last Greek god represented by the trilogy is “Kratos,” one who represents strength and authority, just like VIXX. This video played with suspension in time and a militaristic costuming, showing off the hard hitting melody and back beats. Paired with the Kratos Concept Film that literally puts the boys on seats of majesty while the video has Leo, Ravi, N, Hyuk, and Hongbin frozen in the midst of action as Ken, the absolute power, walks among them surveying his work. What a delicious realization of a powerful VIXX concept.


And now we’ve come to the present and have landed at “Shangri-La” (or Do Won Kyung), a concept that roots itself in East Asian mythology. What makes this so fresh is that it takes traditional costuming and makes it modern: it works with the Korean title, “Do Won Kyung,” which means Peach Blossom Spring, and weaves flower and nature imagery into its visuals; it features fluid, beautiful dance movement that reflects more traditional choreography. The concept performance film features modern dancer N who embodies the beautiful musical juxtaposition between traditional instrumentation and modern beats in his movements. I have to say, I’m in love with this video and with the song that is also a blend of the historical and the modern. VIXX has brought it yet again and added another amazing concept to their long history of, well, awesome!

Soompiers, which VIXX concept is your favorite so far?

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